What to Expect – Solo Classical Guitar

The Guitar

The classical guitar is a beautiful, intimate and soulful musical instrument. Performance of classical guitar is an art form dating back to the Renaissance.

The Concert

To plan a concert by Jeff Dwarshuis see Contract and Concert Planning under the heading Contracts and Promotion.

Concert performances by Jeff Dwarshuis are described as beautiful, relaxing, passionate and professional. For more information on concert reviews see Performance Reviews.

Concert performances may highlight a composer, culture, time period or have a variety of each. The planned concert length can vary from thirty minutes to two hours. 

The Attendees

Attendees will learn about the music performed though listening, program notes and brief dialogue. Added prewritten information about the concert pieces, composers and culture can be found on Jeff Dwarshuis’ blog.

Hearing unfamiliar classical music can be overwhelming. Because curiosity and relief comes with thoughtful explanation, Dwarshuis consistently prepares program explanations to bring meaning to the listener’s musical experience.