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Guitar Product suggestions by Jeff Dwarshuis – sheet music, reference and teaching books, and accessories. 

1. Fans, Friends And Followers: Building An Audience And A Creative Career In The Digital Age
by Scott Kirsner

This is a book that inspired me to pursue digital sales marketing. Artists, musicians and filmmakers talk about how they successfully used social media to boost their careers.  

2. How to Make Money Performing in Schools: The Definitive Guide to Developing, Marketing, and Presenting School Assembly Programs
by David Heflick

Performing in schools has been an important part of my audience reach. This book gives the details on how to do it.

3. The Self-Promoting Musician: Strategies for Independent Music Success (3rd Edition)
by Peter Spellman

This is the book that got it all started for me. Learn how to expand your gigs options.

4. This Business of Global Music Marketing: Global Strategies for Maximizing your Music’s Popularity and Profits
by Tad Lathrop

This book has helped me understand global marketing possibilities.

5. Performance Strategies for Musicians
by David Buswell

Concert performance and practice requires a state of mind. This book laid it out for me NLP style.

6. The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing: How to Create Successful, Spam-Free Campaigns to Reach Your Target Audience and Increase Sales
by Bruce C Brown

Email is what got my gig schedule started. This book shows you how to do it.

7. Arts Marketing Insights: The Dynamics of Building and Retaining Performing Arts Audiences
by Joanne Scheff Bernstein et al.

I have gotten gigs by understanding the mind of the concert promoter. This book describes it.

8. Classical Music on CD: The Rough Guide, First Edition (Rough Guides)
by Matthew Boyden et al.

I know what I love to play because I know what I love to hear. This book is a collection of great listening.

9. Music: An Appreciation
by Roger Kamien

My performance is inspired by history and knowledge. This book describes periods, styles and context.

10. Harmony and Voice Leading (Harpercollins College Outline Series)
by Edgar W. Williams

My appreciation of music grows as I understand the rules. This book teaches theory used by the masters.

11. Classical Music: Third Ear: The Essential Listening Companion
by Alexander Morin

I love to listen to music. It teaches me. This book is a helpful collection of learning. 

12. Mel Bay Presents Eduardo Fernandez: Technique, Mechanism, Learning
by Eduardo Fernandez

I am fascinated by the possibilities of technique. Check out this book.

13. Mel Bay Learning the Classic Guitar: Part 1
by Aaron Shearer

I believe in keeping a strong foundation of basic technique found in this book.

14. Mel Bay Presents: Aaron Shearer: Learning the Classic Guitar, Part 2
by Aaron Shearer

Sight reading is a skill I value highly. Check out Shearer’ ideas.

15. Mel Bay Aaron Shearer Learning the Classic Guitar, part 3 (Book & CD)
by Aaron Shearer

I believe the stage is the best teacher. Check out Shearer’s ideas of performance development. 

16. Enrique Granados, Allegro de Concierto, Danzas Espanolas, Goyescas – Piano Solo
by Enrique Granados

I think it is important to understand the mind of the composer. See Granado’s original piano scores. 

17. Harmonic Materials in Tonal Music a Programed Course (Harmonic Materials in tonal music in two parts 1st ed., Vol. 1)
by Paul O.Harder

All learning is an individual organized series of efforts as well illustrated in this book. 

18. Harmonic Materials in Tonal Music: A Programed Course, Part 2
by Paul O. Harder

I love the impact of harmony. See the foundations of chords found here. 

19. Sor’s Method for the Spanish Guitar (Dover Books on Music)
by Ferdinand Sor et al.


This is a companion book that influenced my work on “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. 

20. Solo Guitar Playing – Book 1, 4th Edition
by Frederick Noad

This is my first book on my journey of self teaching. 

21. Mel Bay Julio S. Sagreras Guitar Lessons: Books 1-3 (English and Spanish Edition)
by Julio Sagreras

I think good guitar technique is an accumulation of physical development in the hands as shown in this work.  

22. Mel Bay Julio S. Sagreras Guitar Lessons, Books 4-6 and Advanced Technique (Spanish Edition)
by Julio S. Sagreras

I value the dedication of a committed teacher with impact such as Sagreras  

23. Art and Technique of Practice 
by Richard Provost

The goal setting, time consideration and routines found in this book are important parts of my development as a player.  

24. Mel Bay The Complete Works of Agustin Barrios Mangore, Vol. 1
by Rico Stover

This is an incredible collection of one of my greatest guitar influences 

25. Complete Works of Agustin Barrios Mangore for Guitar Vol. 2
by Agustin Barrios Mangore et al.

This is an incredible collection of one of my greatest guitar influences 

26. What to Listen for in Music (Signet Classics)
by Aaron Copland

Listening to a great deal of music teaches one what they love and inspires them to create. 

27. Solos for Classical Guitar: World’s Favorite Series #43
by Hal Leonard Corp.

This is a collection of music I have loved and used for years. 

28. Hal Leonard Villa-Lobos Collected Works for Solo Guitar
by Hal Leonard

I love Villa – Lobos and this book is the most used in my collection. 

29. Guitarra! A Musical Journey Through Spain
DVD ~ Julian Bream

The playing of Julian Bream found in this film has inspired me from the first time I saw it. 

30. Julian Bream: My Life In Music
DVD ~ Britten

This film settles some of my curiosity regarding Julian Bream’s genius and dedication. 

31. Pumping Nylon — Complete: A Classical Guitarist’s Technique Handbook (Book, DVD & CD) (National Guitar Workshop’s Pumping Nylon)
by Scott Tennant

I love a great teacher who considers the benefits to the listening student. 

32. DVD-The Segovia Style-Classical Guitar Of The Maestro
DVD ~ Eliot Fisk

I have had a long time curiosity of Segovia’s passion and reach as explained in this film 

33. DVD-Classical Guitar Technique and Musicianship
DVD ~ Frederic Hand

I love the possibilities of technical growth found in this film. 

34. Parkening Plays Bach: Guitar Solo (Guitar Collection)
by Christopher Parkening et al.

This is a collection of guitar transcriptions that has influenced and motivated me.  

35. J. S. Bach Sonatas & Partitas BWV 1001-1006 (New Bach)
by Walter Despalj

These original violin scores have been my first point of reference for all guitar transcriptions of these works. 

36. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More!
by Andrew Macarthy

Social media has become a place of possibility. This book has helped me to grasp the basics and move forward. 

37. How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet: 2011 Edition
by David Nevue

Social media has become a place of possibility and I have used hundreds of suggestions in this book with more to come. 

38. Bach, J.S. – 6 Sonatas and Partitas BWV 1001 1006 for Violin -by Galamian – International

Bach is a lifelong love for me and this effort has helped me put that love on to the guitar. 

39. The Essential Studies Volume 1: Sor
by David Tanenbaum

My learning of the classical guitar  has been expanded by thoughtful interpretations like those in this book. 

40. Andres Segovia – 20 Studies for the Guitar: Book/CD Pack
by Andres Segovia et al.

A classic book with scores to much of the material on my recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. 

41. D’Addario EJ51 Pro-Arte Classical Guitar Strings with Polished Basses, Hard Tension
by D’Addario

The bass strings I used for “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. 

42. D’Addario EJ46TT ProArte DynaCore Classical Guitar Strings, Titanium Trebles, Hard Tension
by D’Addario

High quality strings I use for daily practice 

43. Savarez 540R Alliance Classical Guitar Strings, Standard Tension, Red Card
by Savarez

The treble string I used on “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” 

44. Dynarette Guitar Cushion (Large)
by assorted

Comfortable and solid the support I use in practice 

45. TASCAM DR-40 Channel Portable Digital Recorder
by Tascam

My first choice for simple home recording 

46. Korg PITCHCLIP Low-Profile Clip-on Tuner
by Korg

I love this tuner. It is great for practice and for quick retuning in concert performance 

47. Korg TM50PW Instrument Tuner and Metronome
by Korg

I encourage the use of metronome for the majority of practice 

48. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workbook For Dummies
by Romilla Ready et al.

For proper vision, goal setting and success I turn to a will planned set of questions. You will find it here  

48. Getting Past Your Past: Take Control of Your Life with Self-Help Techniques from EMDR Therapy
by Francine Shapiro

EMDR Therapy eliminates emotional disruption due to past memories that may challenge performance 

49. Elson’s Pocket Music Dictionary: The Important Terms Used in Music (Classic Reprint)
by Louis Charles Elson

My companion when interpreting a guitar score 

50.Diatonic Major and Minor Scales
by Andrés Segovia

These Segovia scales have been a part of my daily warm up for years 

51. Martin Guitar Humidifier
by Martin

I am never without proper guitar care such as this handing humidifier 

52. Bach, JS – 6 Cello Suites BWV 1007 for Cello – Arranged by Fournier – International Edition


The original Bach score of the cello suites and my first reference for guitar fingering

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