What to Expect – Educational School Programs

The Program

The programs are for three age groups – young elementary, middle school and older elementary and high school.

Programs are designed to be age appropriate, entertaining and educational providing student access to the performing arts.

The music performed is selected with the students in mind. Each piece illustrates some topic of music such as rhythm, harmony, tone, composition or technique. The program includes teaching about music practice methods, discipline, and music mastery.

The Concert

To plan a concert see Contract and Concert Planning under the heading Contracts and Promotion.

The educational concert programs by Jeff Dwarshuis have been described as beautiful, captivating and educational.

Program length varies with young elementary at 30 minutes, older elementary and middle school at 45 minutes and high school 45 – 55 minutes. 

Student participation will include a time for asking questions.

The Artist

Jeff Dwarshuis is a classical guitarist and practicing psychotherapist with training in child development and education.

Jeff Dwarshuis was a member of The Forest Hills Cultural Arts Committee for a school year and developed with principals year long assembly and educational programming.

The Students

Students will experience a professional concert of classical music. Also, students will learn by study guides, (if requested) artist explanation and the answering of questions. Added prewritten information about the program piece’s composers, culture, and time period can be found on Jeff Dwarshuis’ blog.

Students will learn new skills for musical practice and performance.

Hearing unfamiliar classical music can be overwhelming. Because curiosity and relief comes with thoughtful explanation, Dwarshuis consistently prepares program explanations to bring meaning to the student’s musical experience.

Because of the popularity of the guitar with young people students will enjoy classical music – often times for the first time.