Contract and Concert Planning

Contract Information

Completing a contract for a concert performance by Jeff Dwarshuis has been made easy for you. Following an email or phone call to Jeff for requested performance date(s) and reimbursement, simply send your organization’s name, address, email address and contact person to Jeff. Preferably by email. Jeff will complete his contract form and send a copy to you for singing and return. A scanned, signed copy is acceptable.

While completing the contract other topics will need to be addressed as shown in the questions below. Jeff will ask you about these and include any additional details in the contract. 

1. In what room will the concert be held?

2. Is amplification suggested and available and who will provide the PA?

3. What is the best time for the sound check?

4. Is there a quiet place for Jeff to do an hour long preconcert warm up and will someone be available to open the building.

5. Can the concert organizer provide a performance quote to be used on Jeff’s promotional materials? (Examples of performance quotes can be found in Performance Reviews.)


Other Preconcert Considerations. 

1. Are there special considerations regarding parking or area construction?

2. How should the promoter be contacted when Jeff arrives?

3. Will there be a freewill offering during the concert?

4. Is a printed introduction to the concert requested?

5. Is the musician’s tax ID number needed for the promoting agency’s year end tax purposes?


Promotional Considerations

Promotional considerations are opportunities to promote the concert organization and artist as well as to enhance the overall experience of the attendees. Added activities will be included in the contract.

1. Is the sale of merchandise such as CD’s allowed?

2. Is there a planned after concert reception?

3.  Does the organization film or record the concert and can a copy be sent to Jeff?

4. Would the organization like Jeff to initiate an interview with a local radio station or do a pre performance at a church service?

5. Would the organization like a recording sent prior to the concert to play at their church services or as background music for the phone or organizational activities or to give to a local radio station to play and promote the show?

6. Is there a printed concert program and when is the concert program expected for printing. Also, can the program include Jeff Dwarshuis’ contact information, a request for attendee performance quotes and opportunities for attendees to get on his mailing list? Can Jeff provide information on the program about upcoming concerts and information on how to purchase his recordings?