Classical Guitar Newsletter by Jeff Dwarshuis August 2017

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Classical Guitar Newsletter by Jeff Dwarshuis July 2017


BIG News!! – My recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” has gotten a sale in over 30 different countries. I attribute this success to the opportunities of social media allowing for worldwide connections. Also, I give credit to radio stations that have included the recording in their programming. Thanks to radio my recording reaches every country in the world. See my blog for a list of “Countries that have a Purchase of The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor.”


The Naxos Steal – The Naxos Record label puts out top line classical recordings by some of the world’s greatest players at an excellent price. This month’s suggestion is a fantastic recording covering many time periods in music. This month enjoy Jeremy Jouve’s incredible recording called “Guitar Recital”.


Product Suggestion – Performing concerts and selling recordings takes strategy. For an excellent book on music promotion check out Peter Spellman’s book listed below. The ideas provided in his book have allowed me to arrange hundreds of concerts. See “The Self-Promoting Musician: Strategies for Independent Music Success (3rd Edition)” by Peter Spellman.


Featured CD Track – The famous Study #17 is track 9 from my recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. Sor originally titled this piece Etude Opus 6 No. 11. This is one of Sor’s longer studies. It is beautiful, warm and primarily a study in arpeggios.


The Guitar Story – Part 1 – I have received feedback requesting information on my story as a musician and guitarist. I have broken my story down to several parts beginning today with the early years.Taking up guitar as a kid I learned most every style of music from Classical to Blues to Fusion. I taught myself how to play, how to read music and how to learn music by ear. A pivotal moment for me was seeing the classical guitarist Guillermo Fierens perform a classical guitar concert at “The Lady’s Literary Club” in Grand Rapids. I had never seen anyone play with such incredible technique and capacity to project multiple lines of music from one guitar. This event changed my musical life. However, it would be years before that moment would come to fruition. And that story is for next month.


Performance Quote -Today’s review is from Larry Halverson of The Loutit District Library in Grand Haven, Michigan.


 “Jeff is an accomplished talent and passionate about his music. His research into the history of the composers was a delightful addition. Jeff’s music brought the crowd to their feet. For it’s worth to note that our library program attendees have never given a performer a standing ovation before Jeff”

Larry Halverson, Community Relations Coordinator-Loutit District Library


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