Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)                  Leyenda  Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)         1. Lyrical Melody: Homage to the Brazilian Country Dweller         2. Homage to Bach         3. Etude des Arpeges         4. Melodia Capadocia  Fernando Sor (1778-1839)         1. Sonata Seconda, Opus 15b *         2. Etude Opus 6, No.

Radio Stations playing “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” by Jeff Dwarshuis  “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” is now being played in every country in the world. Over 100 radio stations and 56 affiliate stations have included it in their programming schedules.  WHRO-FM – Norfolk, Virginia WBAA Classical 101.3 FM Purdue University – West

Reviews for “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” by Jeff Dwarshuis  “Classey Guitar – Jeff Dwarshuis has given us a fine selection of classical guitar music that is well performed, well recorded, and well done! No medium rare half done guitar work here, but passionate love of the guitar shines throughout. The Guitar Works of

15 Essential Classical Guitar Recordings. Listed by Jeff Dwarshuis #1 Julian Bream plays Granados and Albeniz In 1983 when this recording was released, Julian Bream had already established himself as one of the greatest guitarist of all time. He had a massive output of recorded music; (over 40 recordings) had revived Renaissance Music through his

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Track 12 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. This was originally titled Etude Opus 29 No. 17.  As Segovia selected this study he most likely was thinking about its close yet less demanding partner of Etude #1 (Track 1). Both studies share a range of common elements. Both are in the key

Track 11 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. Variation on a Theme of Mozart – In 1819 Fernando Sor attended the first performance of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” and was inspired to write a major work around a musical theme found near the end of act one. This particular piece purposefully captures

Track 9 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. Sor originally titled this piece Etude Opus 6 No. 11. This is one of Sor’s longer studies. It is beautiful, warm and primarily a study in arpeggios. The texture of this piece comes from its almost continual use of the low end of the

Track 8 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. Originally titled Etude Opus 35 No. 17  – This is a short and popular study for the guitar. Like many studies of the time this aims to develop the right hand’s ability to accent the volume of specific notes to project melody. Sor presented

Track 7 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. Grand Solo Opus 14 is a one movement sonata and perhaps Sor’s finest extended work. Long, grandiose and imaginative Grand Solo uses the guitar to it fullest. In this piece Sor uses the “Drop D” tuning which involves lowering the bottom E note a