Study No. 19 by Fernando Sor performed by Jeff Dwarshuis

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Track 4 of “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. This piece was originally titled Etude 29 No 13 by Sor. – This study is a beautiful and famous etude written by Sor and one of the most difficult of the collection of Segovia’s twenty studies. Primarily a study in right hand arpeggio work the piece also was intended to develop left hand strength. Written in the key of B flat major – the guitarist is required to do extensive playing while holding barre chords on the first fret – the most difficult area to hold a barre chord. Later when Segovia transposed this piece he suggested a slower tempo than that written by Sor. The result is even more left hand demand as the player is required to hold the chords for a longer period of time.

Jeff Dwarshuis is a classical guitarist and recording artist living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dwarshuis has performed hundreds of concerts throughout the Midwest United States and is a frequent guest on U.S. radio.

In 2014 Dwarshuis released his recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” which has been received with praise and five star reviews. Also, “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” is being played in every country in the world through broadcasts of over 100 supporting radio stations and 56 affiliate radio stations.

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